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The power of renderings for clients

After more than 20 years designing spaces, I can walk into a room and come up with a concept that will be the start of our design. However, I need to explain my design to my clients and help them visualize it in the same way that I see it in my mind. That's where renderings come in! It's very hard to "see" a room when looking at a floor plan. We get to the rendering phase after all design selections have been made. We use other 3D drawings to explain volume and proportions for the whole room but the rendering is where the colors and textures come to life.

I love designing Showcase spaces because we are able to start with a blank canvas and select everything in the room all the way to the final touches of accessories and artwork. For the 2023 Pasadena Showcase House, our inspiration was the wallpaper below: Thibaut's Anna French Aerial Garden. We designed a Guest House room and two twin bathrooms. While looing at the studio for our starting point for the room, we came across this whimsical wallpaper that reminded us so much of the formal gardens of the property. It was a bold choice but that is what showcases are for, showing new products and materials that are not the expected. We love to push the envelope! In order to show what the scale of this paper looks installed there's nothing better than a professional rendering.

While some details change from rendering to actual installation due to availability, pricing or other factors, the rendering is still a great way to get the feel for the room.

Below is rendering of the bathroom. In a Showcase House where sticking to a timeline is crucial there's usually more revisions for individual items than on a normal client project. However, the rendering is still a very valuable tool to show how all the design selections will come together. We ended up doing mirror bathrooms which we called the "twins". We used the same items but in two different colors schemes, one in off white and black and the other one in neutral taupe.

Thanks to @afermayor2016 for stunning renderings and @pcv_ps for awesome photos!


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